≫ Biophotonics (BIO)

≫ Displays and Lighting (DISL)

≫ High Power / Intensity Sources (HPIS)

≫ Microwave Photonics (MWP)

≫ Nanophotonics (NANO)

≫ Non-Linear and Ultrafast Optics (NLUO)

≫ Optical Communications (OC)

≫ Optical Fiber Technology (OFT)

≫ Optical Interconnects (OI)

≫ Optical Micro / Nano Resonators and Devices (OMND)

≫ Optical Networks and Systems (ONS)

≫ Photonic Integration and Packaging (PIP)

≫ Photonic Materials and Metamaterials (PMM)

≫ Photodetectors, Sensors, Systems and Imaging (PSSI)

≫ Quantum Photonics Technology (QPT)

≫ Semiconductor Lasers (SL)

≫ Low Dimensional and Nanostructured Photonics (LDNP)

≫ Space Photonics (SP)

≫ Micro LED (ML)

≫ Bio-Optics (BO)

≫ Holography and Information Processing (HIP)

≫ Thin-Film Technology and Optical Engineering (TFTOE)

≫ Lasers and Laser Systems (LLS)

≫ Nanophotonic Materials and Devices (NPMD)

≫ Nonlinear Optics (NO)

≫ Optical Design and Testing (ODT)

≫ Optical Metrology and Optical Physics (OMOP)

≫ Optical Waveguides and Communications (OWC)

≫ Optics and Lasers in Medicine (OLM)

≫ Optoelectronics (OE)

≫ Photon Statistics (PS)

≫ Photonic Structures (PST)

≫ Photovoltaic Technology (PT)

≫ Solid State Lighting (SSL)

≫ Surface Enhanced Spectroscopy (SES)

≫ Technologies in Lasers, Optics and Photonics (TLOP)